Christian Foundations

Christian foundations of Rushere

When Rushere Hospital was set up in 1992, our Patron said “I wish Rushere to be a Christian-based Interdenominational Hospital”.
The Christian faith continues to be central in the life of Rushere. Every morning, staff and patients gather for morning prayers, and staff meet regularly for bible study and prayer.

The Rushere logo represents the centrality of Christ in the life of the hospital.

The words “Caring for the whole person” represent the purpose of the hospital

The cross in the middle represents the Christian foundation

The horns at the side represent the district of Rushere with its long horned cows

Christians from all over the world have prayed for development of the hospital. God has answered their prayers by providing people and funds to enable Rushere to grow and provide excellent healthcare services.

The Christian roots in South West Uganda are very strong. This area was greatly impacted by the East Africa Revival, and the North Ankole Diocese of the Church of Uganda was established in 2003, with a new Catherdral in Rushere.