Health care

Healthcare services at Rushere

Meduical staff at Rushere HospitalRushere Community Hospital provides a wide range of health services from its base in the town of Rushere, and from 12 government health units within the area.

Medical facilities and services


This is a particular problem in the rainy season. Sometimes there are as many as 50 children undergoing treatment.


Rushere’s  Antiretroviral (ART) Clinic provides counselling, testing and anti-retroviral drugs. Modern laboratory equipment has been installed and the clinic can handle diagnostic procedures for HIV/AIDS.

Maternity Care

Maternity provides the following services:
• Antenatal care
• Family planning
• Immunisations
• Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT)
• Deliveries
• Post-abortal care
• Oral administration of niverapine tablets for mothers with HIV, and syrup for their babies
• Admissions and general nursing care for other related illnesses in pregnancy
Approximately 64 patients are seen per day:
• Antenatal care – 26
• Immunisation – 10
• Admissions (including deliveries) – 5
• Family planning – 3
• PMTCT – 20

Dental Unit

A variety of dental procedures are available, including scaling, extractions, polishing, wiring and filling.


Our centre provides eye tests, treatment and glasses.


We have a large theatre building with two operating rooms. Unfortunately, only one room is functional – the other room currently lacks an operating table.
A wide range of operations have taken place at Rushere, including:
• Caesarean sections
• Subtotal hysterectomy
• Anaetomosis of gut e.g in cases of intestinal obstruction
Support is needed for the Operating Theatre to provide the following:
• Four oxygen concentrators
• Resuscitation equipment, especially for babies
• An EMOC machine
• More operation sets e.g for caesarean, hernia and hysterectomy
• Theatre lamps
• Additional training in surgical skills and procedures, including prostatectomy, vaginal hysterectomy, nepthrectomy, total hysterectomy and cosmetic procedures eg. Cleft repairs and escharectomy
Can you help with any of these needs?